2508. chalaq
Strong's Concordance
chalaq: portion, possession
Original Word: חֲלָק
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: chalaq
Phonetic Spelling: (khal-awk')
Short Definition: share
חֲלָק noun [masculine] portion, possession, lot (see Biblical Hebrew); — absolute ׳ח possession in land Ezra 4:16; suffix חֲלְקֵהּ Daniel 4:12,20, i.e. his appointed lot.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

(Aramaic) from a root corresponding to chalaq; a part -- portion.

see HEBREW chalaq

Forms and Transliterations
חֲלָק֙ חֲלָקֵ֔הּ חֲלָקֵ֖הּ חלק חלקה chaLak chalaKeh ḥă·lā·qêh ḥă·lāq ḥălāq ḥălāqêh
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 2508
3 Occurrences

ḥă·lāq — 1 Occ.
ḥă·lā·qêh — 2 Occ.

Ezra 4:16
HEB: לָקֳבֵ֣ל דְּנָ֔ה חֲלָק֙ בַּעֲבַ֣ר נַהֲרָ֔א
NAS: no possession in [the province] beyond
KJV: no portion on this side
INT: A result this possession beyond the River

Daniel 4:15
HEB: וְעִם־ חֵיוְתָ֥א חֲלָקֵ֖הּ בַּעֲשַׂ֥ב אַרְעָֽא׃
NAS: of heaven, And let him share with the beasts
KJV: of heaven, and [let] his portion [be] with
INT: with the beasts share the grass of the earth

Daniel 4:23
HEB: חֵיוַ֤ת בָּרָא֙ חֲלָקֵ֔הּ עַ֛ד דִּֽי־
NAS: of heaven, and let him share with the beasts
KJV: of heaven, and [let] his portion [be] with
INT: the beasts of the field share till forasmuch

3 Occurrences

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