4962. sustrephó
Strong's Concordance
sustrephó: to twist together, hence to gather together (pass.)
Original Word: συστρέφω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: sustrephó
Phonetic Spelling: (soos-tref'-o)
Short Definition: I roll or gather together
Definition: I roll or gather together.
Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4962: συστρέφω

συστρέφω: 1 aorist participle συτρεψας; present passive participle συστρεφόμενος; (from Aeschylus and Herodotus down);

1. to twist together, roll together (into a bundle): φρυγάνων πλῆθος, Acts 28:3.

2. to collect, combine, unite: τινας, passive (reflexively (?)) of men, to (gather themselves together) assemble: Matthew 17:22 L T Tr text WH, see ἀναστρέφω, 3 a.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From sun and strepho; to twist together, i.e. Collect (a bundle, a crowd) -- gather.

see GREEK sun

see GREEK strepho

Forms and Transliterations
συνεστράφη συνεστράφην συνεστράφησαν συνεστρέφετο συνέστρεψε συνέστρεψεν συστραφέντας συστρέφετε συστρεφομένη συστρεφομένοις Συστρεφομενων Συστρεφομένων συστρεψαντος συστρέψαντος Sustrephomenon Sustrephomenōn sustrepsantos Systrephomenon Systrephomenōn Systrephoménon Systrephoménōn systrepsantos systrépsantos
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Greek 4962
2 Occurrences

Συστρεφομένων — 1 Occ.
συστρέψαντος — 1 Occ.

Matthew 17:22 V-PPM/P-GMP
GRK: Συστρεφομένων δὲ αὐτῶν
NAS: And while they were gathering together in Galilee,
INT: while were abiding moreover they

Acts 28:3 V-APA-GMS
GRK: συστρέψαντος δὲ τοῦ
NAS: But when Paul had gathered a bundle
KJV: when Paul had gathered a bundle
INT: having gathered moreover

2 Occurrences

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