4621. sitos
Strong's Concordance
sitos: grain
Original Word: σῖτος, ου, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine; Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: sitos
Phonetic Spelling: (see'-tos)
Short Definition: wheat, grain
Definition: wheat, grain.
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4621 sítos – a generic term for any edible grain – typically wheat (BAGD), but sometimes barley, etc.

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4621: σῖτος

σῖτος, σίτου, (of uncertain origin; cf. Vanicek, Fremdwörter, under the word), from Homer down, the Sept. chiefly for דָּגָן, wheat, grain: Matthew 3:12; Matthew 13:25, 29; Mark 4:28; Luke 3:17; (Luke 12:18 WH Tr text); Luke 16:7; Luke 22:31; John 12:24; Acts 27:38; 1 Corinthians 15:37; Revelation 6:6; Revelation 18:13; plural τά σῖτα (cf. Winer's Grammar, 63 (62)), Acts 7:12 Rec., and often in the Sept..

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
corn, wheat.

Also plural irregular neuter sita (see'-tah) of uncertain derivation; grain, especially wheat -- corn, wheat.

Forms and Transliterations
σίτα σίτά σιτια σιτία σιτον σίτον σίτόν σῖτον σίτος σιτου σίτου σίτω σίτων sitia sitía siton sîton sitou sítou
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Greek 4621
15 Occurrences

σιτία — 1 Occ.
σῖτον — 9 Occ.
σίτου — 5 Occ.

Matthew 3:12 N-AMS
GRK: συνάξει τὸν σῖτον αὐτοῦ εἰς
NAS: and He will gather His wheat into the barn,
KJV: gather his wheat into the garner;
INT: will gather the wheat of him into

Matthew 13:25 N-GMS
GRK: μέσον τοῦ σίτου καὶ ἀπῆλθεν
NAS: tares among the wheat, and went away.
KJV: among the wheat, and
INT: midst of the wheat and went away

Matthew 13:29 N-AMS
GRK: αὐτοῖς τὸν σῖτον
NAS: you may uproot the wheat with them.
KJV: ye root up also the wheat with
INT: them the wheat

Matthew 13:30 N-AMS
GRK: τὸν δὲ σῖτον συναγάγετε εἰς
NAS: them up; but gather the wheat into my barn.'
KJV: but gather the wheat into my
INT: and [the] wheat bring together into

Mark 4:28 N-AMS
GRK: εἶτα πλήρης σῖτον ἐν τῷ
NAS: then the mature grain in the head.
KJV: after that the full corn in the ear.
INT: then full grain in the

Luke 3:17 N-AMS
GRK: συναγαγεῖν τὸν σῖτον εἰς τὴν
NAS: and to gather the wheat into His barn;
KJV: and will gather the wheat into his
INT: will gather the wheat into the

Luke 12:18 N-AMS
GRK: πάντα τὸν σῖτον καὶ τὰ
NAS: all my grain and my goods.
INT: all the grain and the

Luke 16:7 N-GMS
GRK: Ἑκατὸν κόρους σίτου λέγει αὐτῷ
NAS: measures of wheat.' He said
KJV: measures of wheat. And
INT: A hundred cors of wheat he says to him

Luke 22:31 N-AMS
GRK: ὡς τὸν σῖτον
NAS: [permission] to sift you like wheat;
KJV: that he may sift [you] as wheat:
INT: as wheat

John 12:24 N-GMS
GRK: κόκκος τοῦ σίτου πεσὼν εἰς
NAS: a grain of wheat falls
KJV: Except a corn of wheat fall into
INT: grain of wheat having fallen into

Acts 7:12 N-ANP
GRK: Ἰακὼβ ὄντα σιτία εἰς Αἴγυπτον
KJV: heard that there was corn in Egypt,
INT: Jacob [there] was grain in Egypt

Acts 27:38 N-AMS
GRK: ἐκβαλλόμενοι τὸν σῖτον εἰς τὴν
NAS: by throwing out the wheat into the sea.
KJV: and cast out the wheat into
INT: casting out the wheat into the

1 Corinthians 15:37 N-GMS
GRK: εἰ τύχοι σίτου ἤ τινος
NAS: perhaps of wheat or
KJV: it may chance of wheat, or
INT: if it may be of wheat or of some

Revelation 6:6 N-GMS
GRK: λέγουσαν Χοῖνιξ σίτου δηναρίου καὶ
NAS: A quart of wheat for a denarius,
KJV: A measure of wheat for a penny,
INT: saying A choenix of wheat for a denarius and

Revelation 18:13 N-AMS
GRK: σεμίδαλιν καὶ σῖτον καὶ κτήνη
NAS: and fine flour and wheat and cattle
KJV: fine flour, and wheat, and beasts,
INT: finest flour and wheat and cattle

15 Occurrences

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