2047. erémia
Strong's Concordance
erémia: a solitude, a wilderness
Original Word: ἐρημία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: erémia
Phonetic Spelling: (er-ay-mee'-ah)
Short Definition: a desert place
Definition: a desert place, desert, uninhabited region.
Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2047: ἐρημία

ἐρημία, ἐρημίας, (ἔρημος), a solitude, an uninhabited region, a waste: Matthew 15:33; Mark 8:4; Hebrews 11:38; opposed to πόλις, 2 Corinthians 11:26, as in Josephus, Antiquities 2, 3, 1.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
desert, wilderness.

From eremos; solitude (concretely) -- desert, wilderness.

see GREEK eremos

Forms and Transliterations
ερημια ερημία ἐρημίᾳ ερημιαις ερημίαις ἐρημίαις ερημίαν ερημιας ερημίας ἐρημίας ερημικοίς ερημικώ ερημίτη eremia erēmia eremíāi erēmíāi eremiais eremíais erēmiais erēmíais eremias eremías erēmias erēmías
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Greek 2047
4 Occurrences

ἐρημίᾳ — 2 Occ.
ἐρημίαις — 1 Occ.
ἐρημίας — 1 Occ.

Matthew 15:33 N-DFS
GRK: ἡμῖν ἐν ἐρημίᾳ ἄρτοι τοσοῦτοι
NAS: loaves in [this] desolate place to satisfy
KJV: bread in the wilderness, as to fill
INT: to us in a secluded place loaves so many

Mark 8:4 N-GFS
GRK: ἄρτων ἐπ' ἐρημίας
NAS: here in [this] desolate place to satisfy
KJV: here in the wilderness?
INT: with bread in this desolate place

2 Corinthians 11:26 N-DFS
GRK: κινδύνοις ἐν ἐρημίᾳ κινδύνοις ἐν
NAS: dangers in the wilderness, dangers
KJV: in the wilderness, [in] perils
INT: in perils in [the] wilderness in perils on

Hebrews 11:38 N-DFP
GRK: κόσμος ἐπὶ ἐρημίαις πλανώμενοι καὶ
NAS: wandering in deserts and mountains
KJV: in deserts, and
INT: world in deserts wandering and

4 Occurrences

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