3617. kalah
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
altogether, be, utterly consumed, consummation, was determined, utter end, riddance

From kalah; a completion; adverb, completely; also destruction -- altogether, (be, utterly) consume(-d), consummation(-ption), was determined, (full, utter) end, riddance.

see HEBREW kalah

Forms and Transliterations
וְכָלָ֖ה וכלה כָ֥לָה כָּלָ֑ה כָּלָ֕ה כָּלָ֖ה כָּלָֽה׃ כָּלָה֙ כָלָ֔ה כָלָ֖ה כָלָ֜ה כָלָ֤ה כָלָ֨ה כלה כלה׃ לְכָלָ֑ה לְכָלָֽה׃ לכלה לכלה׃ Chalah kā·lāh ḵā·lāh kaLah kālāh ḵālāh lə·ḵā·lāh lechaLah ləḵālāh vechaLah wə·ḵā·lāh wəḵālāh
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