3529. Kebar
II. כְּבָר proper name, of a river Kebar, a river (or perhaps a canal) of Babylonia, not at present identified, by which the exiles, among whom Ezekiel ministered, were settled; always in the phrase נְהַר כְּבָר Ezekiel 1:1,3; Ezekiel 3:15,23; Ezekiel 10:15,20,22; Ezekiel 43:3 (compare SmEzekiel 1:1 DelPar. 47 f., 184).

II. כבר (√ of following; ? to intertwine, net; Late Hebrew כָּבַר sift is denominative from כְּבָרָה).

Forms and Transliterations
כְּבָ֑ר כְּבָ֔ר כְּבָֽר׃ כְּבָר֙ כבר כבר׃ kə·ḇār kəḇār keVar
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